ICO of the Week – IoTeX

ICO of the Week – IoTeX

After looking at 171 token announcements we’re picking IoTex as our ICO of the Week. IoTeX is a scalable, private blockchain for the IoT.

Competitive Advantage – Superior Technology

IoTeX is an IoT blockchain technology – an application also targeted by other projects such as IoTA, but IoTeX distinguishes itself with state of the art technology. Rather than using the DAG approach that IoTA uses, IoTex uses blockchains with subchains, as well as a DPOS consensus mechanism similar to what EOS uses. This allows for fast confirmations, as well as strong scalability, without a centralized coordinator node like IoTA.

Besides functioning as a cryptocurrency and payment system, IoTex also has smart contracts, and privacy features for IoT data.

The team behind IoTex is quite good, with very strong tech talent hailing from Uber, Facebook, and Microsoft. They include Stanford and University of Waterloo graduates, and have experience in cryptography, IoT, and the sharing economy.


IoTex is a relatively low risk ICO in terms of short-term RoI right now because the project has already raised 80% of its funds through private sales. This shows strong demand to invest in the project, and also ensures that the project has more than enough funds to start developing the platform.

Medium and long-term there will be risks both in terms of technical execution and business partnerships. Technically, the team is very strong but blockchain projects are always very large undertakings and IoTex’s forward-looking technologies mean they are taking on significant technological risk, as some of the features they are designing have not been used in real world applications yet.

Business-wise they will need to convince established businesses to try and use their new technology. This will definitely be a challenge – although the fact the team is quite all-star and also has enterprise experience, and major investors, may help.


IoTex is a promising IoT blockchain that seems like it solves many of the problems other IoT blockchains have. Its team is all-star, and the project is already quite well-funded. We think this one is a winner and are happy to pick it as ICO of the Week.

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Tuesday: Iotex  – Decentralized IoT Network

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Disclaimer: ICOBriefing does extremely early-stage research of token offerings. As the project progresses, details may change significantly or completely. Always do your own research and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

ICO Review: Plentix.io – decentralized blockchain-based platform for the online referral market

ICO Review: Plentix.io – decentralized blockchain-based platform for the online referral market

Premise – 3.5

Pretty Good Premise

Social media is taking over marketing. 84% of consumers today believe in the recommendations of their colleagues, family, and friend when purchasing products and services. In a world influenced by online marketing and advertising, word-of-mouth preserves its power.

Studies show that referred customers are thought to be the most valuable because they bring longer-lasting relationships and have greater affinity for a certain product or brand. The end goal of a company is to target customers with high chances of bringing them quality referrals. However, there’s a continuous struggle to make the process work as traditional referral programs based on conventional rewards and programs have lost their efficiency.

Together with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the trendy tokenized economy paves the way to change the referral industry. Our daily lives are entrenched in the referral economy already as smartphones social media have led to the materialization of a new generation of consumers who embrace connectivity.

Plentix enters the scene with a business model aimed at disrupting online referral programs as we know them. The platform is a tokenized Blockchain-based project that targets users with the highest potential of referring others with a focus on a specific business entity. Plentix leverages APIs to perform industry-specific referrals, streamlining secure, trustless, and high valued exchanges.

As opposed to traditional referral programs, Plentix is automated and decentralized. The distributed Blockchain-based system offers smart contract automation paired with an innovative architecture for businesses to use a wide variety of integration options and plug into their POS and CRM systems. When customers and business connect, Plentix works to transfer and store value. The platform leverages its own utility token to make sure everybody wins.

Team – 4

Good Team

Plentix is powered by an all-star team from big companies like HP, Cisco and Microsoft. The founders have 10+ years in the IT industry. As far as the development team behind the platform is concerned, most of them are highly-skilled in blockchain and security technology.

Token – 4

Good Token economics

In terms of token economics, Plentix has a market hardcap of $10 million, which is pretty realistic. 50% is reserved for the token distribution, whereas 20% is meant for advisors and early investors. The PTN token will be the official currency on the Plentix platform. As the network increases in popularity and expands, the value of the utility token will increase as well.

Risks – 3.5

Relatively Low Risk

Plentix.io seems like a project with great potential. The team behind the project taps into an unexplored market – the online referral market – which could bring an advantage and help Plentix gain more traction. They also have a working MVP of the product that contributors can test to see exactly how it works, and what perks it holds.


Plentix.io is a Blockchain-based platform that aims to disrupt the online referral market as we know it. The end goal is to connect and reward all of its participants, and thus streamline the way businesses leverage referrals to sell products and build a connection with the end users. The platform has a working MVP, over 6,000 fans on Telegram and a rather realistic token distribution to make sure all parties involved in the project enjoy the marketed benefits.

Whitepaper | Website | Telegram | Medium

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Disclaimer: ICOBriefing does extremely early-stage research of token offerings. As the project progresses, details may change significantly or completely. Always do your own research and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

ICO Review: Verasity – Next-generation type of video sharing platform

ICO Review: Verasity

After looking at 36 token announcements, we’re picking Verasity as our ICO of the Day. Verasity is a next-generation video sharing platform.

Premise – 3.5

Online video sharing and viewing is a fast-growing market. By 2021, it will account for 82% of all consumer internet traffic, with a market valuation estimated at $312 billion. It’s safe to say the traditional online video market is being challenged by streaming video which is much more accessible to the end user.

Current marketing and advertising models, adopted by companies like Google and Facebook, generated a whopping $191.8 billion in revenue in 2017 for online advertising. The problem is big companies are in full control of users’ content. They dictate the distribution as well as the advertising, turning audiences into a commodity.  

Online publishers and content creators have caught on . Many are aware that increasingly users are leveraging  AdBlock technology to control the content they’re watching, and preventing intrusive ads from interfering with their viewig experience.

Advertisers, publishers and content creators are turning their heads to the Blockchain in the hopes that the technology can help disrupt an inflexible, faulty system. Verasity is a next-generation type of video sharing platform aimed at liberating creators and streamlining viewer’s experience. The new Blockchain-based project facilitates transparent, direct value exchange between content creators or publishers and video viewers.

By creating an improved ecosystem for all, Verasity aims to put the data back into the hands of content providers and users. The project has a blockchain-based patent-pending “proof of view” system in place. Its purpose is to provide secure, auditable, and accurate audience metrics. Verasity’s second goal is to disrupt the commercial dynamic of today’s media ecosystem by putting the viewer at the heart of all content-generated transactions. Direct transactions between viewers and all other participants like advertisers and content creators guarantees that the value and consumption is organic within the community and not influenced in any way by a third-party monetization strategy.   

In spite of Verasity’s potential, the project has a few competitors. Although the idea is good, the only way they can stand above the crowd is with a really solid and well-thought value proposition.

Team – 2.5

The team behind Verasity is not all-star, but they do have skilled people involved in domains such as investment, venture capital, blockchain engineering, economics. Also, their investor and contributor team is not very solid. On their whitepaper, they listed only 2 direct investors, both of them are entrepreneurs with little experience in Blockchain technology.

Token – 3.5

Verasity’s utility token is “VERA”, the exchange and reward medium on the platform. Users can leverage the coin to create, share or view content with the Verasity community. All users who choose to watch videos on the platform can earn VERA tokens.

There are lots of monetization opportunities for publishers and creators, too. The mission and vision of Verasity is to help them increase the value of your content. To guarantee transactional transparency, all transactions are tracked and stored on the platform using DPoS (delegated proof-of-stake) consensus.

One of Verasity’s strong points is that it will have its very own blockchain and blockchain token powered by a smart contract known as VeraSpark; which entitles owners to VERA  when they hold coins. Through Spark, Verasity aims to develop decentralized marketplace for viewers who can reward content creators with VERA token.

Risks – 3.5

Verasity seems like a solid Blockchain-based platform. The business model highlights a working MVP on a third party video platform. However, it will be difficult for Verasity to compete with YouTube, for example. They might succeed if they focus on an untapped niche and emphasize more on the technology stack they utilize.


With 10k fans on Telegram and 500+ on Twitter, currently we would say Versity is a decent project with a realistic mission and vision as well as decent hype. Their goal is to develop a decentralized next-generation type of video sharing platform for content creators, viewers, publishers, and advertisers.

Whitepaper | Website | Telegram | Twitter

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Disclaimer: ICOBriefing does extremely early-stage research of token offerings. As the project progresses, details may change significantly or completely. Always do your own research and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

ICO Review: IoTeX – Decentralized Network for the IoT

ICO Review: IoTeX – Decentralized Network for the IoT

After looking at 36 token announcements, we’re picking Iotex as our ICO of the Day.


4.5/5 – Excellent

In spite of its rapid growth and evolution, the Internet of Things (IoT) lacks “killer apps” to reach mass adoption and draw more users into the ecosystem. The main issues associated with the IoT are scalability, privacy concerns, high operational costs, and lack of functional value.

The decentralized nature of blockchain could provide a solution, preventing data being stolen when uploaded to the cloud. Another benefit would be smart contract implementation, which enables autonomous device coordination for creating functional values.

But blockchains have limitations, and this is where IoTeX comes in. Powered by a privacy-centric blockchain, the new project aims to become a decentralized network for the IoT, leveraging several core innovations, including its own fast consensus mechanism based on delegated proof-of-stake, somewhat like NEO.

However, it uses randomized proof-of-stake to make it more secure and finalized. Every time a block is produced, that block is final; it doesn’t need to wait for confirmations which make things a lot easier in the IoT scenario.

Although the concept is viable, IoTeX has a direct competitor, namely IOTA which uses the DAG-based system to solves the scalability problem. However, the main challenges with IOTA is security – the network can be attacked fairly easily with one powerful computer.

IoTeX doesn’t use DAG. It leverages traditional Blockchain technology to solve the scalability problem with subchains. Another innovative aspect is the use of ring signatures, similar to Monero and zero protocol, similar to ZeroCash. But they’ve written their own lightweight privacy algorithm that is quicker to use.

Unlike IOTA, IoTeX has smart contracts, which they claim is important for IoT if you want to program certain devices to do certain tasks, without the device managing the processing part.


4.5 – excellent

The team behind IoTeX is top-notch. The co-founders have PhDs in cryptography and machine learning, meaning they’re all well-versed in cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology. The project also includes all-star advisors specialized in cryptography, venture capital, and finance. They have a great panel of investors featured on their website, including NEO, the 6th most valuable cryptocurrency in the market.


3.5 – good

The IoTeX coin will initially exist as an ERC20 token on Ethereum. Following the IoTeX mainnet launch, it will migrate and become the “fuel” of the entire network. Its main purposes will be to execute transactions and run distributed apps on the IoTeX blockchain. In terms of tokenomics, the $25 million hardcap is a viable goal the team might achieve.


4 – low risk

Considering the team behind the IoTeX project is highly experienced in cryptocurrency and cryptography, execution risk is lowered. Out of their $30 million hard cap, $25 million has already been raised, which shows there is strong investment interest in the ICO. 


Overall, the IoTex project seems to have several clearly-established goals in mind. The team managed to gather different characteristics from other blockchains, and put it into the development of a super-blockchain. 

Whitepaper | Website | Telegram | Twitter

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Disclaimer: ICOBriefing does extremely early-stage research of token offerings. As the project progresses, details may change significantly or completely. Always do your own research and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

ICO Review: Disciplina.io – Blockchain-based platform for HR & Education

ICO Review – Disciplina

After looking at 36 token announcements, we’ve chosen Disciplina to be our ICO of the day.

Premise – 4/5 (good)

Advanced technologies and the rise of everything digital motivates the average individual to seek a better education. Online courses are increasing in popularity, meaning that there’s a clear demand for improving one’s skills in all academic domains and industries. Senior futurist at DaVinci Institute, Thomas Frey, predicts that by 2030, the internet’s largest company may be an education-based corporation we haven’t yet heard of.

New Blockchain-based project Disciplina enters the scene with a project powered by TeachMePlease in collaboration with several developers that contributed to the making of well-known cryptocurrency Cardano. Disciplina caters to the HR and educational realms. It uses Blockchain technology like a shared database, which means that anyone can install and use it.

Based on the PoS-consensus for recruiting services and educational demands, the new project leverages the immutable public Blockchain which can’t be altered in any way by third parties. TeachMePlease will be Disciplina’s first education-based project. The aim is to streamline cooperation between private tutors, academic institutions, and students.

With over 20,000 classes already created on TeachMePlease, switching to Blockchain is proof that the Disciplina business model is a viable, sustainable one. In fact, the platform is developing its own private Blockchain architecture, meant to store confidential data such as students’ grades, tasks, courses, and test results.

Team – 3.5/5 (ok)

The team behind Disciplina doesn’t include all-star investors and advisors. However, both founders seem to have to have extensive experience in investment management and e-commerce. Regarding the advisory team, Disciplina is supported by financial expert and founder at Cryptopay, George Basiladze as well as Russian entrepreneur and founder of ICORating, Dmitry Filatov.

Token – 4 (good)

Disciplina will have its own utility token on the Ethereum network. DSCP tokens will be used as a unique payment instrument to perform all transactions on the platform. Upon the launch of Disciplina MainNet, the coin distribution will begin throughout the crowdsale.

In the 2nd quarter of 2018, DSCPs will be used as payment mode on TeachMePlease. Although the token is fairly strong, the hardcap of 17,000 ETH for 55% seems to be pretty low. 1 DSCP is valued at 0,0005 ETH.

Risks – 4.5 (very good)

The Disciplina ICO seems legit, in spite of having rather weak founders. The projects compensates with a powerful development team, some of them contributors to the formation of the acclaimed Cardano cryptocurrency. There seems to be a proven business models thanks to the association with the well-known platform TeachMePlease. With more than 3,000 fans on Telegram, Disciplina already has an MVP, with an alpha version planned for release in the second quarter of 2018. Trusted partners such as Serokell, Cryptopay and HOQU strenghten Disciplina’s potential to attain the goals envisioned by the end of the year. 


Powered by TeachMePlease, Blockchain-based project Disciplina.io aims to disrupt the HR and education industries around the world. By using blockchain technology, it guarantees transactional transparency to all ecosystem participants with its DSCP utility token. The mission is to develop a multi-functional platform for attaining unified academic qualifications and achievements through its in-house generated scoring system. 

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Disclaimer: ICOBriefing does extremely early-stage research of token offerings. As the project progresses, details may change significantly or completely. Always do your own research and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

ICO of the Week: One Ledger – Cross-blockchain Protocol

ICO of the Week – One Ledger

After looking at 257 token announcements this week we’ve picked One Ledger as our ICO of the week. One Ledger is a blockchain aiming to link cryptocurrencies through a universal blockchain as well as to provide businesses a better solution than a single cryptocurrency can provide.

Competitive Advantage – Engineering Talent

One Ledger’s key advantage over most ICOs is its strong engineering and development talent. Except for the CEO, everyone on the core team has strong engineering or technical experience.

For a blockchain protocol project, that’s a critical differentiator. While simple Dapps or financial projects can sometimes get away with non-technical people in charge, blockchain protocols need to be architected well from the start.

Besides the core technical talent, the CEO David Cao also comes from an enterprise IT consulting background, which is good for a product targeting enterprises.


One Ledger’s key risks are business-wise. There are some other competing cross-ledger blockchain protocols including Yggdrash and ICON. However they are mainly Asia based, and Korean in particular. We feel that One Ledger’s North American base allows it to better understand the American and Western market and have better access regionally to those customers.


One Ledger is a cross-blockchain protocol with a very strong team and promising premise. ICON – a similar project, has been one of the best performing projects recently and has been extremely successful in gathering real-world acceptance among enterprises as well. Although ICON is operating in the same space as One Ledger, we don’t see One Ledger as a direct competitor because of regional differences, so we think this project is a winner.

See our full review of One Ledger

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Disclaimer: ICOBriefing does extremely early-stage research of token offerings. As the project progresses, details may change significantly or completely. Always do your own research and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.

ICO Review: One Ledger – Cross-Blockchain Protocol

ICO Review: One Ledger

After looking at 44 token announcements, we’re picking One Ledger as our ICO of the Day. One Ledger is a Cross-Blockchain Protocol.



Currently there are many cryptocurrencies on the market, but many of them have scaling issues, and they also have different purposes – for instance Bitcoin is targeted more towards payment and Ethereum towards Dapps and Smart Contracts.

One Ledger is a high-throughput cross-blockchain blockchain with built-in sharding. It has its own Byzantine Fault-tolerant consensus scheme which allows for both permissioned and permissionless blockchains. Organizations can use One Ledger to create and interact with public blockchains or create their own private sidechains.

One Ledger aims to solve scaling issues, as well as linking blockchains to allow organizations to easily take advantage of the benefits of each cryptocurrency. Organizations will be able to leverage blockchain technology through the One Ledger API.


ICO Review: Evident Proof – Legal Proof on the Blockchain

ICO Review: Evident Proof

After looking at 33 token announcements today, we’re choosing Evident Proof as our ICO of the Day. Evident Proof is a platform to store data immutably on the blockchain.


4.5/5 Excellent

Evident Technology from Evident Proof on Vimeo.


Whether its articles of incorporation, shipping documents, contracts, or other legal documents, there are certain, legally valid documents and pieces of information which need to be certified as being genuine.

Blockchain is a natural way to store these kinds of data, as it makes sure that any data stored on it becomes immutable. Through the consensus algorithms(currently Proof of Work), modifying a piece of data stored on the blockchain becomes exponentially harder as each new block is added to the chain.

Evident Proof is using this property of blockchains to provide a business solution for supply chain businesses, enterprises, and other businesses which need to handle legally important data.

Evident Proof will develop two parallel blockchains. One public blockchain, as well as a private blockchain for speed and double-verification.

We think this is a great premise as immutable data is a natural use of blockchain.


How to Spot an ICO Scam

How to Spot an ICO Scam

ICOs are an incredible way to raise money for companies to raise money. That promise of easy and quick money also makes them a magnet for scammers.

At ICOBriefing.com we look at dozens of ICOs every single day but pick less than 3% of them to review. These are some of the red flags that tell us an ICO isn’t worth looking at.

Profits over Premise

The ICO emphasizes the profits you’ll make from investing in it rather than the technology or business plan. This is a huge red flag that signals either a ponzi scheme or outright scam.

First of all, very few businesses can promise to turn a profit, especially when they are in a fundraising stage, so if they are promising to give you part of the profits they’re already probably lying to you. Second of all, if they’re emphasizing their profits over their business model, they’ve probably got a bad business model.

No Team Information

There are a few very niche situations where it’s possible the team may need to be obscured – for politically sensitive projects, or for privacy coin projects, but for 99.9999% of the projects out there, not having a team listed is a huge red flag.

No LinkedIn

Similar to the above, if you’re not showing the team information clearly – you’re hiding something. To us, it’s better to see a mediocre but decent team with transparent information than an “all-star” team with no Linkedin. The latter screams scam.

Weak Team

The team needs to have experience related to the project. No “Standup comedians” or “technology enthusiasts” or “rocket scientists” – yes these are real team member profiles we’ve seen recently.

The team should have worked in a field related to the project, or related to their role on the project for a few years. If you see someone’s position or role change completely for the project(i.e. From grocer at Walgreens to CEO of an ICO) – that is a red flag.

Mining Related

We’ve found in the crypto world that newbies are very attracted to the idea of mining – so one of the tactics scammers use is to label their scam as a “mining project”. Now not all cloud mining is a scam, but it’s just way too easy to create a ponzi scheme and call it a mining project. Unlike a Dapp, no working product needs to be seriously demonstrated, the team doesn’t need to be provably all-star, and the whitepaper doesn’t need to be elaborate.

Since it’s very difficult to check the legitimacy of a mining project, especially early on, scammers flock to this type of ICO, and you should run the hell away.


ICO Preview: Dbrain – AI Training Platform

ICO Previews are early stage looks at promising upcoming projects which have not announced enough details to be fully reviewed. 

ICO Preview: Dbrain

AI is one of the major technological forces transforming our world today. From speech recognition to translation, to machine vision and autonomous driving, AI is everywhere and it’s having a transformative effect on our society.

But what most of us don’t realize is that for AI to be good, it has to be trained. Massively. While the purpose of AI is to be autonomous, to get good it has to be trained by humans on extremely large amounts of data.

While larger companies like Google and Tesla can afford this kind of massive scale AI training, this requirement means small and medium sized businesses are left out.

Dbrain aims to change this situation by creating a platform where AI can be trained easily by workers who get paid in crypto.

The platform has a working prototype which you can try out at dbrain.io and it’s quite user friendly and nice to use.

The team behind Dbrain is small but strong with AI and machine learning experience.

The token metrics behind this project have not been released yet, but we are eagerly awaiting them. This is definitely an ICO to watch.

Bitcointalk | Whitepaper | Website | Telegram | Twitter 

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Disclaimer: ICOBriefing does extremely early-stage research of token offerings. As the project progresses, details may change significantly or completely. Always do your own research and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.