Early Stage ICO Reviews

ICOBriefing.com is dedicated to helping cryptocurrency enthusiasts spot high quality early stage token offerings. We do this by combing token announcements on the bitcointalk forum every day and analyzing them based on a core set of metrics without bias.

We hope to not only help you make better informed but to improve the ICO ecosystem by encouraging better token economics, business strategy and ethical business practices.

ICO Evaluation Metrics

Team – Does the team have the experience and qualifications to pull off this project

Whitepaper/Business plan – Does the project solve a real problem, and is there a clear path to generating revenue.

Working product/Github РIs there a demo,  prototype or code to look at

Token economics – Does the fund distribution support healthy project development, and is there a reasonable chance of a good return for investors.

Buzz – Is there hype around this project (Sometimes forgiven for early stage projects)

Who We Are

Danger Zhang – Editor in Chief

Danger has a Computer Engineering degree from the University of Maryland, and he’s worked at IBM and the World Bank as an IT Consultant. Currently he works as a freelance technology writer, focusing on blockchain and IoT.

Tom Manning  РHead Analyst

Tom has a computer science degree, as well as a Masters from Goldsmiths. An experienced developer and early crypto enthusiast, he provides comprehensive ICO analysis for the site.

Disclaimer: Investing in cryptocurrencies, token sales, or Initial Coin Offerings is high risk. You may lose most, if not all your investment. By using this site you agree that ICOBriefing will not be held responsible for any and all losses you may incur from investing in ICOs, token sales or cryptocurrencies.