ICO Review: B21 – Personal Wealth Manager For Crypto Assets

ICO Review: B21 – Personal Wealth Manager For Crypto Assets

Premise – 4

In spite of the rise of crypto assets at a global scale, many people still don’t know how to buy, sell or trade Bitcoin and other sale tokens. There are viable websites and apps that people use. However, most of them target experienced investors and traders who can understand technical interfaces. Aspiring crypto fans with little knowledge of Blockchain technology are left behind.

B21 is a Blockchain-based project that aims to streamline the process with a user-friendly app and platform that anyone can understand. Investing in crypto assets demands technical knowledge related to wallet functionalities, exchanges, online trading, and passphrases. Average people cannot read charts, although they do want to buy tokens and invest in their personal wealth.

As an early-stage project, B21 aims to become a personal wealth manager for all those eager to invest in crypto assets. Targeted at newbie investors, the platform is looking to remove complex processes involved with cryptocurrency investing. B21 claims that beginners don’t need to have any crypto trading experience to be able to attain their investment goals.

Both the B21 platform and the associated app will provide the tokens and coins. Users will have to set their investment goals and keep a close eye on their progress. By creating goals, users can easily craft goals and invest in their future wealth. The process is pretty easily explained so that every beginner can understand where to start and how to make the most of their initial investment.

After you’ve created an account on the B21 app, you can go ahead and set up your investment goal. Next, you get to decide on the amount of money you’d like to invest per day, and how much you’d like to add your account on a monthly basis. Following this step, you’ll be able to choose your crypto assets and invest in those that seem the most viable.

To streamline the process and make crypto asset investment easier to understand by beginners, the B21 project has created a user-friendly dashboard within its app. It includes a user’s portfolio, gains, and returns for the currency of their choice. In terms of payments and returns on investment, investors can choose to cash out anytime, or wait until one or more of their predefined goals has been fulfilled.

In terms of aspects related to Blockchain technology, B21 will run on EOS because it features extensive smart contract capabilities and provides better scalability. By leveraging EOS, the B21 platform will be able to focus on complete transparency in terms of transactional data, liabilities, and assets. The platform will also consist of personal and banking investment management services and a multi-currency wallet.

Team – 4.5

The B21 team is made up of a spectrum of skilled people in financial, blockchain and mobile financial app development. One of the founders has worked at Wave Crest, a well-known crypto-based credit card that has proven tremendous results. As far as the advisors are concerned, some of them are actively involved with EOS, meaning they have extensive experience in the crypto world.

Token – 2.5

B21 has a market cap of $30 million with a 50% discount. Although the amount seems fair, it looks like the token doesn’t have that many uses, except for fee management and token sale event.

Risks – 3.5

With over 6k fans in Telegram, the B21 project seems like a viable ICO with solid chances of succeeding. The unique value proposition is legit – there aren’t many business models providing investing opportunities to newbies. Also, the team behind the project is solid and experienced in the crypto scenario.


B21  prides itself on already having a solid team of investors. They’re already presented how their business model can top main competitors like Coinbase, Robinhood, and Betterment. Simply put, their unique value proposition is to make cryptoasset investing easy for all.

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