ICO Review: Merculet – Attention Value Network

ICO Review: Merculet – Attention Value Network


4/5 – Very good

One of the main perks of Blockchain technology is that it allows users to collaborate without turning to third parties or intermediaries. Right now we’re looking at a world packed with information. For corporate growth, the data overload can pose serious challenges.

Blockchain-based project Merculet aims to transform the way the internet works and switch how information is consumed from information-based to value-based. The platform targets consumers, investors, and producers. Its end goal is to monetize people’s attention, at the same time helping businesses grow and expand by creating an ecosystem for redistributes a value-drive economy.

Powered by its MVP utility token, Merculet has developed an Attention Value Network. The aim of the token is to build a bridge between supply and demand in  the way attention is split on the internet. Similar to the BAT (Basic Attention Token) system, the project wants to take the model a step further.

The team behind Merculet have developed an SDK that service providers or companies can put into their application, mobile app or website. Once Merculet is integrated, the platform will begin measuring attention levels of the people accessing that app or website.

For businesses, the goal is to make users become high-attention users. For example, a live video streaming company can boost their fan base and increase their profits by integrating Merculet’s SDK onto their platform. Based on a hyper ledger, companies will be able to run their own blockchain, and issue UATs (User Attention Tokens) to reward viewer attention.


4.5/5 Excellent

The team behind the Merculet project is very strong. Both the CEO and CTO are software engineers with over 10 years of experience in the niche. They’re also the developers behind Chinese app development company, Magic Window. Furthermore, the advisory board is just as strong. Shen Bo, founder of BitShares and Fenbushi Capital, is one of Merculet’s most influential advisors.

Token – 4

Merculet will have 2 types of tokens. The first is the MVP token, which is also their main utility token sold in the ICO. The second token is UAT and it is reserved for consumers who will get them in exchange for their attention. Every app that integrates their SDK gets their own set of UAT tokens.

To actually integrate the SDK, the app must first buy MVP tokens. Following this step, as users start making use of the app and they get an attention rating, they get paid in UAT tokens which they can convert into MVPs. The exchange rate is set by the app.

Merculet has a hard cap of 37,000 ETH with a token distribution of 30% which is reasonable.


3 – OK

With a solid team with experience in Blockchain technology and software engineering powering the project, Merculet doesn’t have a lot of execution risk. Because the platform is somewhat similar to the very successful BAT (Basic Attention Token) project, Merculet project also has a good chance of hitting its goal. However more and more projects are aiming for this premise, so it does have some competitoin in the marketplace.


The Merculet project is looking to provide a viable solution to entrepreneurs and companies that are in need of user attention. By issuing UAT tokens, businesses can reward viewers in UATs at a pre-established rate, thus boosting their reputation in the online realm.

They have an MVP scheduled for the second quarter of 2018, and Merculet recently announced that 3 partners have already agreed to integrate the Merculet SDK into their app, one of them being Magic Window.

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