ICO Review: Plentix.io – decentralized blockchain-based platform for the online referral market

ICO Review: Plentix.io – decentralized blockchain-based platform for the online referral market

Premise – 3.5

Pretty Good Premise

Social media is taking over marketing. 84% of consumers today believe in the recommendations of their colleagues, family, and friend when purchasing products and services. In a world influenced by online marketing and advertising, word-of-mouth preserves its power.

Studies show that referred customers are thought to be the most valuable because they bring longer-lasting relationships and have greater affinity for a certain product or brand. The end goal of a company is to target customers with high chances of bringing them quality referrals. However, there’s a continuous struggle to make the process work as traditional referral programs based on conventional rewards and programs have lost their efficiency.

Together with the increasing popularity of cryptocurrencies, the trendy tokenized economy paves the way to change the referral industry. Our daily lives are entrenched in the referral economy already as smartphones social media have led to the materialization of a new generation of consumers who embrace connectivity.

Plentix enters the scene with a business model aimed at disrupting online referral programs as we know them. The platform is a tokenized Blockchain-based project that targets users with the highest potential of referring others with a focus on a specific business entity. Plentix leverages APIs to perform industry-specific referrals, streamlining secure, trustless, and high valued exchanges.

As opposed to traditional referral programs, Plentix is automated and decentralized. The distributed Blockchain-based system offers smart contract automation paired with an innovative architecture for businesses to use a wide variety of integration options and plug into their POS and CRM systems. When customers and business connect, Plentix works to transfer and store value. The platform leverages its own utility token to make sure everybody wins.

Team – 4

Good Team

Plentix is powered by an all-star team from big companies like HP, Cisco and Microsoft. The founders have 10+ years in the IT industry. As far as the development team behind the platform is concerned, most of them are highly-skilled in blockchain and security technology.

Token – 4

Good Token economics

In terms of token economics, Plentix has a market hardcap of $10 million, which is pretty realistic. 50% is reserved for the token distribution, whereas 20% is meant for advisors and early investors. The PTN token will be the official currency on the Plentix platform. As the network increases in popularity and expands, the value of the utility token will increase as well.

Risks – 3.5

Relatively Low Risk

Plentix.io seems like a project with great potential. The team behind the project taps into an unexplored market – the online referral market – which could bring an advantage and help Plentix gain more traction. They also have a working MVP of the product that contributors can test to see exactly how it works, and what perks it holds.


Plentix.io is a Blockchain-based platform that aims to disrupt the online referral market as we know it. The end goal is to connect and reward all of its participants, and thus streamline the way businesses leverage referrals to sell products and build a connection with the end users. The platform has a working MVP, over 6,000 fans on Telegram and a rather realistic token distribution to make sure all parties involved in the project enjoy the marketed benefits.

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