ICO Review: Disciplina.io – Blockchain-based platform for HR & Education

ICO Review – Disciplina

After looking at 36 token announcements, we’ve chosen Disciplina to be our ICO of the day.

Premise – 4/5 (good)

Advanced technologies and the rise of everything digital motivates the average individual to seek a better education. Online courses are increasing in popularity, meaning that there’s a clear demand for improving one’s skills in all academic domains and industries. Senior futurist at DaVinci Institute, Thomas Frey, predicts that by 2030, the internet’s largest company may be an education-based corporation we haven’t yet heard of.

New Blockchain-based project Disciplina enters the scene with a project powered by TeachMePlease in collaboration with several developers that contributed to the making of well-known cryptocurrency Cardano. Disciplina caters to the HR and educational realms. It uses Blockchain technology like a shared database, which means that anyone can install and use it.

Based on the PoS-consensus for recruiting services and educational demands, the new project leverages the immutable public Blockchain which can’t be altered in any way by third parties. TeachMePlease will be Disciplina’s first education-based project. The aim is to streamline cooperation between private tutors, academic institutions, and students.

With over 20,000 classes already created on TeachMePlease, switching to Blockchain is proof that the Disciplina business model is a viable, sustainable one. In fact, the platform is developing its own private Blockchain architecture, meant to store confidential data such as students’ grades, tasks, courses, and test results.

Team – 3.5/5 (ok)

The team behind Disciplina doesn’t include all-star investors and advisors. However, both founders seem to have to have extensive experience in investment management and e-commerce. Regarding the advisory team, Disciplina is supported by financial expert and founder at Cryptopay, George Basiladze as well as Russian entrepreneur and founder of ICORating, Dmitry Filatov.

Token – 4 (good)

Disciplina will have its own utility token on the Ethereum network. DSCP tokens will be used as a unique payment instrument to perform all transactions on the platform. Upon the launch of Disciplina MainNet, the coin distribution will begin throughout the crowdsale.

In the 2nd quarter of 2018, DSCPs will be used as payment mode on TeachMePlease. Although the token is fairly strong, the hardcap of 17,000 ETH for 55% seems to be pretty low. 1 DSCP is valued at 0,0005 ETH.

Risks – 4.5 (very good)

The Disciplina ICO seems legit, in spite of having rather weak founders. The projects compensates with a powerful development team, some of them contributors to the formation of the acclaimed Cardano cryptocurrency. There seems to be a proven business models thanks to the association with the well-known platform TeachMePlease. With more than 3,000 fans on Telegram, Disciplina already has an MVP, with an alpha version planned for release in the second quarter of 2018. Trusted partners such as Serokell, Cryptopay and HOQU strenghten Disciplina’s potential to attain the goals envisioned by the end of the year. 


Powered by TeachMePlease, Blockchain-based project Disciplina.io aims to disrupt the HR and education industries around the world. By using blockchain technology, it guarantees transactional transparency to all ecosystem participants with its DSCP utility token. The mission is to develop a multi-functional platform for attaining unified academic qualifications and achievements through its in-house generated scoring system. 

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