Moonlight ICO Review: Upwork+LinkedIn on the NEO Blockchain

ICO Review – Moonlight


3.5/5 Pretty good

Moonlight is creating a decentralized Upwork-like platform on the NEO blockchain. Targeted towards freelancers, it has a matchmaking system that lets tasks be matched to people or organizations well suited to completing them.

Besides emulating Upwork, it also has LinkedIn like features, such as trustless resumes – which are built off work completed in the Moonlight ecosystem.

Finally, it incorporates project management features to allow the coordination of complex projects within Moonlight.

Compared to Upwork, Moonlight’s offers native cryptocurrency payments and a potentially better project management system. Compared to LinkedIn, Moonlight has trustless resumes.


ICO Review: Quarkchain – High-throughput Blockchain

ICO Review – Quarkchain


4.5/5 -Excellent

Quarkchain is a high throughput blockchain which uses sharding to achieve potentially over 1 million transactions per second – more than Visa. It uses a two layer blockchain where the first layer is the shards, and the second layer is a root chain where blocks from the shards are confirmed.

Quarkchain uses a PoW consensus mechanism, and it will also be able to run Ethereum smart contracts with little or no modification.

We like that they are using proven technologies to tackle an immediate market problem -scalability.

They are currently running a closed testnet, and are aiming to launch their mainnet late this year in Q4.


ICO Review: Contract Vault – Legally-Enforceable Smart Contracts

ICO Review – Contract Vault


4.5/5 – Excellent

Contract Vault aims to integrate smart contracts with the legal system to make contracts easier to create and use. Today contracts are difficult to create, complicated, and expensive.

Contract Vault aims to create a platform that allows users to easily create legally-enforceable smart contracts. This will reduce the cost to create a contract, improve transparency and allow anyone to create legal contracts on the blockchain.

For legal enforceability it will use Ricardian smart contracts – which are smart contracts which encode natural language legal statements. To facilitate ease of use, its platform will include contract templates so contracts don’t have to be drawn up from scratch.

Looking through their whitepaper, the team has thought through the implementation thoroughly, as well as potential use cases, including for share-issuing companies, ICOs, and wills.


4.5/5 Excellent

The core team, including the founders of the company, is strong in terms of both software development and law. Core team members seem to be dedicated to Contract Vault full time. We also like that the project is based out of Switzerland, a crypto-friendly jurisdiction.


3/5 – OK

The VLT token is used to pay for contract templates and legal services . For lawyers, they receive VLT for auditing or creating contracts.

50% of VLT tokens are being sold for a hard cap of 45Million Swiss Francs, or about 45 million USD. This is a rather high cap but also a relatively high percentage of tokens dedicated to the public sale.


4/5 – Low Risk

The team is quite solid from both development and legal aspects so we feel execution risk is low. They are promising a beta in July.

In terms of long term goals there is more risk – legally enforceable digital contracts requires legislative changes, which will take time to occur. Its very likely that even if the platform succeeds, it may take years for regulations around the world to change to accommodate this new legal framework.

However, because digital, smart contracts still are useful in personal and business agreemenths , contract vault can still operate on a limited–but still useful functionality where it provides easy to use natural language contracts, which are automatically enforced at a digital level.


Contract Vault solves a large issue in smart contracts. By making them easy to issue, easier to read for regular people, and having some translation to actual legal contracts, it ties the world of smart contracts to the real world. Regular folks can draw up personal or business agreements, and businesses can create automatically enforced contracts at low cost. Because of their use of Ricardian contracts, it’s also possible that the contracts created by Contract Vault could be legally valid.

There are some risks to the project, the main one being that regulation will take time to adapt to digital contracts, but as Contract vault provides useful functionality even beyond that, we think it is good project. In terms of return on investment, we like this one as well, however its hard cap of 45M CHF is rather high and should be kept in mind.

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ICO Review: Open Collectors Network – Future Protocol for One-of-a-Kind Tokens

ICO Review:  Open Collectors Network – Future Protocol for One-of-a-Kind Tokens


4/5 – Very Good

Open Collectors Network aims to become the world’s first decentralized platform for creating one-of-a-kind tokens. The project is based on existing standard specifications and it will leverage Blockchain technology to allow users to create and customize their own tokens, as well as trade them on the open market.  

The non-fungible token market could have endless potential. Products, cars, artwork, items, and lots of other things can easily be categorized. However, in spite of this aspect, they’re all unique from one another. The end goal of the project is to streamline interaction and storage of unique tokens.

As far as collecting rare items is concerned, users of the Open Collectors Network can trade existing Cryptokitties, CryptoPunks, and Decentraland tokens. Basically, they can trade anything that’s unique and rare, even ideas, cars and other physical or non-physical assets.

Although the project has some similarities with CryptoKitties, the business model is unique because it allows users to create their tokens rather than trade with existing ones. Tokenization lies at the core of the Open Collectors Network. Platform users can leverage the SDK to tokenize anything through the creation of their own token.

As opposed to fungible tokens, which are created and then traded on crypto exchanges, non-fungible collectible tokens are unique and individually traded. The technology powering this ability is Ethereum’s ERC721 standard, allowing unique token identification on Ethereum by pairing the token ID with the smart contract address.

The Open Collectors Network features a very intuitive interface platform for creating non-fungible tokens. To ensure security and transparency, the team behind the project will leverage specialized algorithms to ensure complete privacy, seamless scalability and speed.

In terms of added features of the platform, Open Collectors Network will have its very own auction house, where token makers can list and sell their newly-created tokens. Game item tokenization and special discounts for businesses through the creation of DAaps are added goals the projects aims to develop in the near future.


ICO Review: Wemark


4.5/5 – Excellent

Wemark is a blockchain-based system for distribution of digital content. Its mission is to implement a “distributed marketplace”, allowing creators to fully license their content directly to their customers. This is intended to empower content creators and to keep them in full control of the intellectual rights to their own work.

By attempting to eliminate the need for middle-men, they aim to reduce the contents price, benefiting both parties substantially.

The first use case introduced by the project is in the field of stock photography. This is an industry which is expected to exceed a grand total of $4 billion by 2020.

Through the implementation of blockchain-based technology, the project attempts to solve a few of the major issues current centralized solutions such as Getty Images and Shutterstock are facing.

The lack of middle-men will help reduce the price of the final product for consumers, while photographers would be able to earn more from their work as Wemark promises to enable them to keep as much as 85% of the sale price of their photos.

As the Wemark Protocol is based off the blockchain of Ethereum, it guarantees a new level of transparency. All of the transactions and licenses shall be registered on a public distributed ledger.


ICO Review: B21 – Personal Wealth Manager For Crypto Assets

ICO Review: B21 – Personal Wealth Manager For Crypto Assets

Premise – 4

In spite of the rise of crypto assets at a global scale, many people still don’t know how to buy, sell or trade Bitcoin and other sale tokens. There are viable websites and apps that people use. However, most of them target experienced investors and traders who can understand technical interfaces. Aspiring crypto fans with little knowledge of Blockchain technology are left behind.

B21 is a Blockchain-based project that aims to streamline the process with a user-friendly app and platform that anyone can understand. Investing in crypto assets demands technical knowledge related to wallet functionalities, exchanges, online trading, and passphrases. Average people cannot read charts, although they do want to buy tokens and invest in their personal wealth.

As an early-stage project, B21 aims to become a personal wealth manager for all those eager to invest in crypto assets. Targeted at newbie investors, the platform is looking to remove complex processes involved with cryptocurrency investing. B21 claims that beginners don’t need to have any crypto trading experience to be able to attain their investment goals.

Both the B21 platform and the associated app will provide the tokens and coins. Users will have to set their investment goals and keep a close eye on their progress. By creating goals, users can easily craft goals and invest in their future wealth. The process is pretty easily explained so that every beginner can understand where to start and how to make the most of their initial investment.

After you’ve created an account on the B21 app, you can go ahead and set up your investment goal. Next, you get to decide on the amount of money you’d like to invest per day, and how much you’d like to add your account on a monthly basis. Following this step, you’ll be able to choose your crypto assets and invest in those that seem the most viable.

To streamline the process and make crypto asset investment easier to understand by beginners, the B21 project has created a user-friendly dashboard within its app. It includes a user’s portfolio, gains, and returns for the currency of their choice. In terms of payments and returns on investment, investors can choose to cash out anytime, or wait until one or more of their predefined goals has been fulfilled.

In terms of aspects related to Blockchain technology, B21 will run on EOS because it features extensive smart contract capabilities and provides better scalability. By leveraging EOS, the B21 platform will be able to focus on complete transparency in terms of transactional data, liabilities, and assets. The platform will also consist of personal and banking investment management services and a multi-currency wallet.


ICO Review: Merculet – Attention Value Network

ICO Review: Merculet – Attention Value Network


4/5 – Very good

One of the main perks of Blockchain technology is that it allows users to collaborate without turning to third parties or intermediaries. Right now we’re looking at a world packed with information. For corporate growth, the data overload can pose serious challenges.

Blockchain-based project Merculet aims to transform the way the internet works and switch how information is consumed from information-based to value-based. The platform targets consumers, investors, and producers. Its end goal is to monetize people’s attention, at the same time helping businesses grow and expand by creating an ecosystem for redistributes a value-drive economy.

Powered by its MVP utility token, Merculet has developed an Attention Value Network. The aim of the token is to build a bridge between supply and demand in  the way attention is split on the internet. Similar to the BAT (Basic Attention Token) system, the project wants to take the model a step further.

The team behind Merculet have developed an SDK that service providers or companies can put into their application, mobile app or website. Once Merculet is integrated, the platform will begin measuring attention levels of the people accessing that app or website.

For businesses, the goal is to make users become high-attention users. For example, a live video streaming company can boost their fan base and increase their profits by integrating Merculet’s SDK onto their platform. Based on a hyper ledger, companies will be able to run their own blockchain, and issue UATs (User Attention Tokens) to reward viewer attention.


ICO Review: DAOstack – Decentralized Governance Framework

ICO Review – DAOstack


4.5/5 Excellent

One of the main use cases for Ethereum  was originally Decentralized Autonomous Organizations(DAOs). Rather than an organization defined through paperwork and legal structures, DAOs use smart contracts to enforce organizational rules.

The promise of DAOs is the ability to have powerful contracts created quickly, easily and cheaply. This can reduce legal and administrative costs and also promises to produce more agile organizations.

DAOstack is a framework for creating DAOs. Rather than having a single DAO model, it is a modular framework allowing companies or organizations to use the pieces they want to create their own DAO.

Within the DAO, users can create proposals and vote on them. Proposals can be boosted through a staking mechanism. If the proposal wins, the user gets their token back and if it fails, the tokens are lost.  To address corruption and bad actors, there is a reputation system.

Compared to creating their own DAO by developing their own smart contracts, DAOstack is a much quicker, safer and easier way to develop DAOs, as the pieces are pre-designed and already developed, have presumably been thoroughly tested, and will can be implemented with a user-friendly interface.

Besides Alchemy – the main dapp used to interact with the DAOstack to create and manage DAOs, DAOstack also exposes art.js, the API for the DAOstack. This allows developers to create Dapps which interact with the DAOstack framework.

We like this premise very much. DAOs are a very good use of blockchain and a toolkit for creating them is much needed.


ICO Review: Iagon – a global supercomputer powered by Blockchain and AI

ICO Review: Iagon – a global supercomputer powered by Blockchain and AI


3.5/5  – Not bad

The cloud services market is worth $45 million/year and increasing with Google Cloud, IBM, AWS, and Microsoft dominating the industry. The services they provide may not be 100% trusted and secure, but because of their reputation, they can afford to raise the bar and feature really high price ranges.

New market entrants don’t stand a chance among the four. They invest a lot in data centers, storage facilities, and servers, which gives them leverage. Interestingly enough, there’s been a growing demand for storage and computational processing capabilities; the latest trends threatening to disrupt the cloud services market are AI and Big Data.

Processes based on artificial intelligence demand vast amounts of computation because they also soak up significant GPU and CPU processing power. The demand for processing power and storage is anticipated to increase now that AI apps in different industries are gaining recognition.

New Blockchain-based project Iagon, is looking to revolutionize the web and cloud services markets with its decentralized processing and storage grid. The aim is to tap into the unused storage capacity of personal computers and servers and their processing power, Iagon’s mission is to develop a super data center and supercomputer to compete with the 4 main cloud computing giants.

A world with a computational grid that’s stronger and more powerful than any other supercomputer out there could be profitable for everyone. By joining the Iagon processing and storage platform, data breaches will no longer be a threat because of the use of Blockchain technology. Users are ensured their data is secure and they’ll be able to leverage AI to obtain and produce powerful insights.

With Iagon, you can share resources from your computer, both CPU power or storage, and if you choose to be a mining node you can execute code, store data, or can run DApps. By sharing resources you earn IAGON tokens. Based on the Ethereum network, the platform will eventually have its own private Blockchain.


ICO Preview: Contract Vault – decentralized platform for legal contracts

ICO Preview: Contract Vault – decentralized platform for legal contracts  

As the legal services industry undergoes considerable change due to disruptive technologies – like the Blockchain – lawyers, corporations and consumers are searching for ways to challenge the status quo of the system. Very few know that most smart contracts are not that smart. Managing, integrating and creating contracts poses difficulties to people with limited knowledge of blockchain development.

The majority of contract templates are poorly drafted, unclear, too long/too short or outdated. They demand extensive legal knowledge that the average consumer doesn’t have. Creating new contracts is equally difficult, even for the savviest professionals.

As far as smart contracts are concerned, the situation is similar. Most of them are expensive and complicated to implement, not to mention that non-technical people fear that they’re not legally compliant. Given that Blockchain technology is new territory for many, it’s tough to differentiate a well-crafted smart contract from a poorly written, or insecure one.

Contract Vault aims to solve this. They plan to develop a platform where anyone can craft customized contracts that are up-to-date, perfectly legal and fully verified. Powered by a team of skilled lawyers and experienced advisors, the new project will provide access to smart contracts, therefore connecting customers interested in renting, selling or trading personal assets.

Through the use smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain, users with little to no knowledge on legal matters will be able to use Contract Vault to create, manage, customize and deploy legal contracts as well as legally-enforceable smart contracts and use them to trade personal assets.

Contract Vault could be a ground-breaking new ICO because it is based on a novel idea we haven’t seen before in the market. However, their whitepaper is still not released and their token economics are still being polished, so it’s too soon to predict whether or not it will succeed. 

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Disclaimer: ICOBriefing does extremely early-stage research of token offerings. As the project progresses, details may change significantly or completely. Always do your own research and do not invest more than you can afford to lose.